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Five Reasons to Consider Looking at Rural Properties for Sale in Dawson Creek

November 5th 2021

colourful-sunset-over-a-field-at-a-rural-property-in-dawson-creekRural properties, ranches, and farms in the Peace Country are my specialty. As an experienced real estate agent and lifelong resident of the Dawson Creek area, I know and love this area and will help you find the perfect property to suit both your needs and desires. For all your real estate needs, Nyla LePine Re/Max agency is here for you.

If you've never considered looking at rural properties for sale around Dawson Creek, then here are some reasons why you should check one out, or several, on your house hunt. While we’re hunting, feel free to ask me all about the area – I can’t wait to share my passion for the Peace Country with you.

1. SPACE- If you’ve long dreamed about spreading your arms out wide, hosting impulsive dance parties, or encouraging large off-key sing-a-longs, rural property ownership may be for you. Other, more practical reasons for considering rural property ownership and the greater amount of land that generally comes with it, are things like exploring farming and learning to live off of the land as well as being free to raise livestock and other animals.

horseback-riding-on-a-field-in-dawson-creek2. SENSE of COMMUNITY- While living rurally may mean you are physically farther away from your nearest neighbours, it will quite possibly mean you feel more connected to them than their urban counterparts. Rural folk are generally more than willing to lend a hand to their neighbours and also appreciate coming together for social events and community building.

3. NATURE- If you’re looking to get closer to nature and explore all that our beautiful country has to offer, rural property ownership puts you right at the source. There’s no need to carefully schedule nature explorations and try to fit them in your busy schedule because nature is right outside your door, ready to be seen and appreciated 24/7.

4. RELAXED PACE- There is no arguing that farmers and ranchers work hard. There are always chores to be done and animals or crops to be tended. But in between the hard work, rural life offers a slower pace that offers quiet, solitude and plenty of time for reflection. Crime, pollution, and traffic are reduced and watching children roam carefree and unplugged while being able to teach them about nature live and in person is a priceless part of rural living.

5. WILDLIFE- Dawson Creek is perfect for birdwatching and other wildlife viewing. The vast landscapes throughout the area provide endless opportunities to see animals such as moose, deer, elk, bears, and waterfowl as well as hawks and other birds up close. If you choose to live rurally, chances are you won’t have to travel far to witness these amazing creatures in action – they may be right outside your window.

nyla-lepine-remax-agent-outside-in-rural-dawson-creekIf any of these reasons set your imagination soaring or pique your interest in any way, check out my listings, at Nyla’s Listings, today! Book a tour from there, and perhaps you'll find the home of your dreams. There’s never any commitment, but I will always encourage you to dare to dream.