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4 Things to You Should Know Before Buying a Rural Property in Dawson Creek,

4 Things to You Should Know Before Buying a Rural...

March 26th 2021

Rural properties have many benefits – privacy, space, and freedom being just a few. But if you are used to living in an urban center there are other differences you may not be aware of – water systems and wastewater management are two of them.Read More
Lagoon Sewage Systems,

Lagoon Sewage Systems

March 3rd 2021

Sewage lagoons are often used on rural properties as the solution to manage residential wastewater. They are designed to suit their location and how much use they will have to manage. All lagoons should be fenced for safety. When necessary, they are ...Read More
Ponds & Dugouts as Water Sources in Rural Dawson Creek,

Ponds & Dugouts as Water Sources in Rural Dawson ...

February 3rd 2021

Ponds and dugouts are generally made by humans as water reservoirs to trap and store runoff and rainwater. They are an important water source for rural residents, providing water for such things as livestock watering, crop spraying, and household use...Read More
Cisterns as a Water Sources for Homes in Rural Dawson Creek,

Cisterns as a Water Sources for Homes in Rural Da...

December 30th 2020

A cistern is a large vessel (often a tank) used to hold a reserve of water. Many homes in rural or dry areas have cisterns as a back-up water supply. In some areas, cisterns are used as the primary water source for a household.Read More
Rural Properties Subdivisions Around Dawson Creek,

Rural Properties Subdivisions Around Dawson Creek

December 15th 2020

Outside of rural Dawson Creek, there are many great rural subdivisions like Briar Ridge in the southeast and Bear Mountain to the south & southwest. Subdivisions create two or more lots out of one lot/parcel or even join two or more lots into one.  Read More
More Peace Country views,

More Peace Country views

March 6th 2020

More Peace Country Views....Read More
Peace Country Views,

Peace Country Views

February 14th 2020

Driving around Rural Property in the Peace Country can be very interesting?Read More
Beautiful Treed Quarter Section west of Dawson Creek,

Beautiful Treed Quarter Section west of Dawson Cr...

April 25th 2019

Looking for a Treed Quarter Section?Read More

It's Fall Fair Time

August 6th 2015

Nyla Lepine is a real estate agent in Dawson Creek and an active part of her community. It's time for the Dawson Creek Exhibition and Stampede! She hopes to see you there!Read More
What is ranchesonly.com?,

What is ranchesonly.com?

January 20th 2015

Learn how ranchesonly.com, a website provided by Nyla Lepine from Dawson Creek, can help you sell your ranch in BC!Read More
That time of year.....,

That time of year.....

December 19th 2014

Dawson Creek Remax agent Nyla Lepine wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and an exciting new year!Read More
Fall in the Peace Country,

Fall in the Peace Country

October 14th 2014

Nyla Lepine shares a little bit about the beauty of nature in the Peace Region during the Fall season.Read More