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Rural Properties Subdivisions Around Dawson Creek

December 15th 2020

With deep roots in Dawson Creek, BC, I have been helping residents in the Peace Country region buy and sell rural homes and properties in the area for over 15 years. With my specialty in rural, residential, ranches, and farms, I know the area through and through and can guarantee I will be able to find you the home or property of your dreams.


Life in the Peace River Country region is unlike living anywhere else because of its proximity to the Rocky Mountain Foothills on the west and the Alberta Plains on the east — making the area vast and diverse with unimaginable beauty.  The rugged landscape is a goldmine for scenery with endless rivers, lakes, and mountains, making it a top destination for backpacking.


Outside of rural Dawson Creek, there are many great rural subdivisions like Briar Ridge in the southeast and Bear Mountain to the south & southwest. Subdivisions create two or more lots out of one lot/parcel or even join two or more lots into one.  


In terms of sizes of the properties in these subdivisions, they can range from the standard 5 to 10-acre parcels or you may be lucky enough to find a 20 to 40-acre parcel. Otherwise, you are going to find 160-acre parcels as they are in the ALR.


Back in 1972, the Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) Act was implemented to preserve farmland and limit subdividing. The Act was the first of its kind in Canada and created a program to preserve British Columbia’s limited — but incredibly valuable — farmland resource. Also, the act played a role in sustaining the social and economic benefits resulting from agriculture to other regions in the province. 


Additionally, the ALR Act helped preserve the character of many communities within British Columbia, which contributed to the health and livability while also maintaining valuable natural capital.


Approximately 40 percent of the province’s Agriculture Land Reserve is in the Peace River Country district, which means agriculture is a priority and covers approximately 47,000 square kilometres and contains private and public lands that can be farmed, forested, or left vacant.


Land outside of the reserve, which is based on elevation, is where you will find rural subdivisions that surround Dawson Creek — along Briar Ridge southeast of town and Bear Mountain in the southwest – it is a vast and wide area that will suit whatever your needs are.


If you are a buyer looking to move to the Peace Country region, look no further than Dawson Creek Real Estate. Working with new buyers is always exciting and rewarding when you find the right match.  Even if you are selling, working with you makes me feel proud that you trust me to do what it takes to get your property sold.


Should you be interested in the types of properties I sell, you can see them in my Featured Properties — you never know, your dream property may just be a click away! You can also see my Aerial Property tours to give you a near-complete experience of what your potential property looks like from a unique perspective.  


If you’ve made the decision and you’re ready to buy, you can see my complete listings! I look forward to helping you find your dream property today.