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How to Receive Mail in Rural Dawson Creek

August 19th 2021

How to Receive Mail in Rural Dawson Creek,

RE/MAX agent Nyla LePine specializes in real estate of rural, residential, and ranch properties in the Dawson Creek area. She has many years of experience helping buyers and sellers throughout the region and has answers for the majority of questions that come up when people are considering a move to rural living. One of the questions you may not have thought of if you’re looking into purchasing a rural home is how to receive mail. There are a few differences regarding mail delivery in a town or city compared to delivery outside city limits.

• In town, your mail and parcels from Canada Post and other shipping companies are delivered either to your door or to your community mailbox.

• Outside of town, there are still a few Rural Mail box routes, but most of the time you’ll receive your mail in one of the following ways:

 ◦ Via community mailbox. Community mailboxes are becoming increasingly common in urban centres and are often used in rural areas. They are large mailboxes set up in easily accessible outdoor locations containing a number of individual boxes as well as a few boxes large enough to store mid-size parcels. When you purchase to be sure to have your Realtor ask the Seller how to pass on the mailbox key and mailbox number to you upon your arrival at your new home. If you don’t know the compartment number and/or haven’t received a key, contact Canada Post and they will help you out.

  ◦ Via Post Office (PO) Box. If a community mailbox is not an option or you would prefer to pick your mail up indoors at the post office, you can rent a PO Box. To do so, visit your closest post office (Find a Post Office),choose your box size and length of rental. PO Box rental prices vary, but as of Jan. 1, 2021 the rate was set between $173-$820/annually depending on the size of the box. Along with the rental comes a set of two keys to your mailbox and one 24-hr security access key to the building.

 ◦ Shipping to Shipping Offices. If you’re an online shopper, chances are good that you will often get notices from shipping companies such as UPS, FedEx, Purolator, etc. In town, these companies will often drop off at your door, but in rural areas, it’s more likely the shipment will remain at the storefront office until you pick it up.

   ▪ UPS: 420-115 Avenue, Dawson Creek
   ▪ Purolator Inc: Bill’s News & Confectionary at 10212-10 Street, Dawson Creek
   ▪ FedEx: Bill’s News & Confectionary at 10212-10 Street, Dawson Creek
   ▪ Loomis Express: 9701-13 Street, Dawson Creek

Hopefully this helps you avoid any delays in getting your mail service as you make the move to rural Dawson Creek. If you have any other questions about buying a home or property in a rural area, reach out to Nyla. We also invite you to check out current listings via Nyla’s Listings, where there are a variety of listings posted from bare land to large properties. Together we will help you realize your dreams of country living.